Train for Carnaval San Franciso and Dance with #BeadSquad


Why train for a marathon when you can train for Carnaval San Francisco!

This is a complete training package to get you ready to dance your heart out through the streets during the  Carnaval San Francisco.

This dance training package includes:

  • weekly rehearsals of choreographed routines ($120 value)
  • nutrient dense meal plan with recipes ($200 value)
  • virtual cardio and strength training ($160 value)
  • four 30 minute personal support sessions from Molly ($320)
  • fun and community!

Participants get all this for $300 plus costume

Training begins March 5 (RSVP here for our kickoff meeting and introduce yourself here) ends with the Grand Parade at Carnaval San Francisco on Sunday May 27. This training is great for people looking for a fun way to be active, make friends and have hella fun. Experienced dancers and beginners will enjoy this program.

Rehearsals last 1 hour on Monday evenings at 7:30 at Rhythmix Cultural Works 2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda, March 5-May 27.

Join us today!

Or read about what Carnaval San Francisco means to me.

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