New Year, New Schedule, Same Big Dreams

New Year, New Schedule

New Year, New Schedule, Same Big Dreams

When I started my journey as a wellness coach several years ago, I knew I wanted to help people connect with their body and live their best life but I struggled to find a way to be consistent. After bouncing around for a few years I am finally settling down with a consistent schedule. I will be offering more weekly classes as well as workshops and organised outings. I am excited to deepen my connections with the wonderful people that have been coming to my classes and continue to grow the community we’ve been creating.

This year I invite you to grow with me and make this the year to strengthen our bonds, deeply love ourselves and exist loudly. BeadSquad will begin rehearsals in March but it’s never to early to start getting your cardio on with Buti Yoga and Diaspora Dance Fusion.

You can check out my class schedule and pricing options to find a plan that works for you.

Train for Carnaval San Franciso and Dance with #BeadSquad

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Show Up for Yourself

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Injuries are a drag. In our fast paced world we are constantly exploring more ways to be efficient, we are often thinking about our next move, which can be dangerous. When it comes to exercising it is important to leave that busy mind at the door and take the time to connect with yourself. It’s easy to slip into thinking about our to-do list but when you let your mind wander you might let your form wander too and that is what often leads to the aching back or knee.

Good form is key to a good workout. I workout as an investment in myself. I use it as an opportunity to quiet my mind and be present with myself. When I’m being mindful of my body, my stretches go deeper, my movements are smooth and  I feel stronger. As a mom I do a lot for other people so my workout is my time for myself and I try to make to the most of it by focusing on just that, myself.

When I show up for myself, I feel the difference so I encourage you to show up for yourself and invest in your body and well being.

Benefits of Enjoying Bone Broth



Bone broth is a powerful wellness tool. It is full of nutrients that aid in digestion and has many restorative properties. Here is a brief overview of each component and how they help our bodies.

Bone Broth is High in Minerals

Macro and trace minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, trace minerals) and eloctrolytes from cartilage and bone marrow help our body grow and develop.


The majority of the calcium found in our bodies is in our bones and teeth.  It also helps to contract our muscles, send messages through our nervous system and clot our blood. We loose minerals daily through our skin, nails, hair, sweat and waste.


Magnesium supports many other bodily functions such as bone integrity, nervous system maintenance and energy production.


Potassium is an electrolyte that helps our cells and muscles communicate. Our cells use it to move nutrients in and waste out

Trace Minerals

Trace Minerals such as copper and zinc help support our general bodily functions. We need them in smaller quantities (less than100mg/day) than the macro minerals (greater than 100mg/day).


Protein in the form of arginine and glycine can bond with other amino acids to form complete proteins.

Increases Digestion

Hydrophillic colloids from gelatin are clusters of water loving molecules that attract our digestive juices to the food suspended in our guts for rapid and effective digestion.

All of the nutrients in bone broth are bioavailable, making it an excellent multivitamin!

Need some ideas to incorporate bone broth into your life? Check out my 3 favorite ways enjoy bone broth for breakfast.