You’re invited…

Dance in Carnaval San Francisco with BeadSquad. Rehearsals have started, but its not to late to join! Be brave and have fun in our awesome dance ensemble, our theme this year is Exist Loudly!  Nervous about the costume? Don’t be, here’s why.

If you’re looking for a fun, energetic and attentive coach to work with, get in touch with Molly McGee! Check the class schedule or nourish your whole self with a  free wellness consultation.

Need more adventure in your life? Join me for 8 magical days in Cuba.


Molly has helped me begin a journey towards a deeper connection with my physical self. Her style is warm and welcoming, which is what I needed as someone who often feels intimidated by new experiences. Through working with Molly, I’ve learned how to listen to my body, which was a truly unfamiliar concept to me before we started. Today, I feel like the choices I make surrounding food and physical activity are much better aligned with what I need to be my best. Transformative and powerful!

Kaitlin S

Molly is very professional and mindful of your goals and needs. She understands the discipline and motivation needed to make changes in your daily habits to help achieve those goals. Her attentiveness, genuinity and willingness to hear your concerns and find alternative methods have helped maintain a balanced schedule in my workout regiment. Her knowledge in nutrition and meal planning have helped lose weight and maintain good energy. It is great to have someone, such as Molly, who is genuine, motivated and willing to find the best regiment for my needs.

Jeff T