Buti Yoga
The word “BUTI” is a marathi word that means “to cure something hidden below the surface.” This class is a movement practice that fuses primal dance and yoga into a high-intensity workout. The feminine inspired moves sculpt and tone the core. Buti challenges the body along all planes of motion resulting in long, lean muscles. Come sweat and challenge yourself in a fun and upbeat environment. Get ready to fall in love with your workout.

Round up a friend or two, wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, water and a towel.

Diaspora Dance Fusion
Learn basic dance technique of various styles of dance from around the world. Each month we’ll focus on a different style and region. All levels of dancers are welcome to this class.

Stack Your Bones and Tone
Improve your posture in this gentle strength class that aims to relieve chronic pain. Enjoy lots of stretching and self massage while looking 10 pounds lighter and 10 years younger by stacking your bones.

Fourth Fridays Feminist Pole Fitness
This class focuses on self expression in a fun and safe environment. Learn choreography and exercises to increase strength and mobility. Students should not apply lotion, oil, fragrance, etc before class and will need their inner thighs exposed.

You can view my class schedule and RSVP through the meetup group or get in touch with me to try a fee class.