Committing to Being Better

Fall in love with your life (1)I’ve been thinking about the old habits I want to break and the new ones I want to start. In wake of the election I’ve also been thinking about the how I can be a better role model for my daughter and the next generation to ensure that they have a future. For me this has meant reflecting on my behaviors at home, socially and politically. Its easy to slip back into old habits when I feel tired or stressed so creating systems to help me stay accountable has been key.

Cheese sticks are a weakness of mine that I really want to break out of. My daughter loves them and they are an easy grab and go high protein, mess free snack. When we go to the beach I collect the small plastic pieces that have been left behind, a significant portion of the trash is cheese stick wrappers.

Cheese sticks represent my lack of planning and preparations. This year I would like to add more structure to my life so that I can reduce the amount of plastic in my life that comes in the form of single servings and actively work to ensure that the next generation has a thriving planet to live on.

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