Why Wait until January? Join the Buti Tribe and Start Feeling Great Today!

Its always a good time to start breaking old habitats and starting new ones. Has “getting in shape” been on your new years resolution before? Working out can feel like a chore, I know it does for me. I was searching around for a workout that made me feel great. It took me 2 years after giving birth for me to feel motivated to get moving again.  I joined a gym and started taking group classes which was fun but after a few weeks I felt like I needed something more. I met with a personal trainer to help me design some routines to strengthen my core and straighten out my posture.

I tried the routine once and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with it. It wasn’t fun, I wasn’t inspired to push myself and I felt tired after.

My best friend suggested I try a Buti Yoga and I immediately felt like my search was over. Buti has everything for me.

Come see if Buti Yoga is the workout for you, your first class is free and during December  you can buy 5 classes for $60.


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