Exist Loudly! at Carnaval San Francisco

Exist Loudly

Take Up Space

Carnaval San Francisco is less than 4 months away and BeadSquad is getting in gear. This year we want to take up space and be proud of who we are as individuals and as a group so our theme is “Exist Loudly!” This past year has been wild, politically, emotionally and professionally. The lessen I have chosen to focus on is to be my most authentic self.

Someone once told me about Enneagrams, a way of categorizing personalities and described me as type 4, the individualist. She described it as 2 sides of the same coin. When I’m feeling happy I’m ecstatic to be unique and see my individualism as a way to connect with a broad spectrum of people but when I’m sad I get anxious about not fitting in and feel isolated in my distinctness. This idea resonated with me. I have frequently been told “you are the weirdest person I know and the coolest person I know” by many different people and I cant ever take it as a compliment. This year I am owning my quirks and letting go of the part of my ego that wants to fit in.

I have noticed that when I speak my truth I feel more connected to others. The bonds I share with others are strengthened. When I become more clearly defined so does my community. I encourage you to take up space and Exist Loudly!

Want to Dance with BeadSquad? Rehearsals start Wednesday March 6 7-8:30 pm, join us!

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