Bead Squad


What is BeadSquad?

BeadSquad is a body positive dance ensemble that aims to train all levels of dancers to perform in Carnaval San Francisco. We help you increase your energy and connect with your body, so you can feel your best. We support everyone to become the energetic, graceful and charismatic dancer they want to be.

flyerCarnavalFRONTWhat We Offer

Nutrient dense meal plan with recipes to properly nourish yourself
Cardio and strength training
Personal training
glamorous costumes
Fun and community!

Who Can Join

We are looking for a few more dancers to join our group of fun spirited people to perform in Carnaval San Francisco on Sunday May 27.

Join us for free at our next rehearsal.

Monday nights at 7:30 at Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Ave in Alameda.

Read more about our theme for this years contingent. Or get in touch today for more information.